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Miami, FL, March 19, 2018: North Miami Beach, Liberty City and Little Haiti played host to the Smart n’ Up Summit Spring Pop Up Tour this week.  The event was coordinated by the local nonprofit Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success (T.E.E.S.).

Special guest speakers engaged with the teens through interactive demonstrations ranging from proper decision making, commitment, and conflict resolution.  Deric Muhammad from Houston Texas used a befitting analogy about their current or past life experiences.  Do Not let your past finesse you out of your Future” as he shared his testimonial of growing up without a father and a drug addicted mother.

Silky Slim from Baton Rouge, Louisiana shared his personal testimony of life in prison, bad choices, and his life transformation.  The most poignant moment was when he opened his accordion folder to reveal his criminal rap sheet which adorned the floor similar to that of a scroll and also his power point presentation which contained graphic images of the results of gang life.  He advised the youth that “there is nothing glamorous about bodies, prison life and how many of the rap artists that they admire don’t do half of the things that they promote, it’s a business not a lifestyle”.

Students, Parents, and their mentors enjoyed complimentary dinner courtesy of Wing Stop North Miami Beach, House of Wings Overtown (Liberty City), and A Purple Leaf Experience (Little Haiti).  Each attendee received a Smart n’ Up gift bag containing a Smart n’ Up Miami T-Shirt, a notebook and T.E.E.S. pen which they used to take notes and/or write down questions for the Q&A afterwards.  Entrepreneur Community Activist, Football Coach, and Rapper, Luther Campbell was on hand at the Liberty City summit and said a few words to the youth in attendance, including youth from his Optimist program.  Icebreaker activities took place where attendees were asked a variety of black history questions.  Correct responses won an autographed book from Uncle Luke and/or a 305 Facts t-shirt courtesy of Crave Couture.  

On Friday (their only free day), the guest speakers, who always donate their time, were treated to a deep sea fishing excursion courtesy of a private donor and on Saturday they dined at the Prohibition Speakeasy, courtesy of Headliner Market Group.  Transportation services were provided by WisingUp Apparel.

Smart n’ Up was a free event and made possible through the financial support of Commissioner Hardemon’s Anti-Poverty Initiative (Liberty City & Little Haiti only), Headliner Market Group, and House of Wings Overtown.


About T.E.E.S. (Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success)

T.E.E.S., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, sponsors weekly Table Talk Sessions for Middle School and High School Students. Our goal is to empower youth to become self-sufficient shareholders in the economic and social fabric of their communities.  Focus is placed on personal worth, exercising sound decisions based on evidence, accountability for one’s actions and choices, and discussion of society’s mixed messages.


Hot Lost Cause: Privacy

When did the fear of Big Brother become the desperation for a double tap on our latest Instagram-post update? Once we feared that technology would be the death of privacy. These days we're live streaming the wake. Ever-shrinking cameras are rapidly eliminating the undocumented life, whether it's vanity-driven social-media broadcasters or politically minded activists determined to monitor overzealous police. Three years ago, Peter Austin Onruang's company Wolfcom was supplying body cams to more than 500 police departments in the U.S. when he noticed something strange. "I began to see a consumer wave of people interested in our technology," Onruang says. "There are roughly 750,000 law-enforcement officers throughout the country, so I'm only tapping into a tiny market." So he altered some software and created a device called the Venture that can be worn as a body cam, put on the dash of a car or used as a baby monitor.

The thinking on privacy has changed quickly. Four years ago, the launch of Xbox One was hamstrung by the Kinect, a microphone and camera array housed in a plastic rectangle designed to sit atop your entertainment center, watching your body movements and listening for voice commands. The Kinect drew protests and was separated from the console. But Apple bought the company that helped develop it, and behind the seamless, buttonless front of the new iPhone X lies a bundle of intelligent cameras capable of face recognition so advanced that it can ID a person even if they put on a hat and sunglasses and grow a beard. It's essentially the same technology found in the Kinect. And this time, no protests. Lines around the block instead. B.C.

Source: Rolling Stone


After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Miami Dade County Relief Drive

Hurricane Irma swept through the entire State of Florida up to Georgia damaging homes, and businesses.  In Miami Dade County about 530,000 of the estimated 3 million residents live below the poverty line. On the surface, Hurricane Irma seemed to spare most of South Florida the brunt of the storm when it comes to structural damage. But days without power and unpaid time off — or no work at all — casts a harsh spotlight on the poverty that existed in Miami-Dade’s most vulnerable communities long before Irma made landfall.

While some grassroots efforts are trying to bring food to our communities after the storm, it does not always get to everyone who needs it, and some families report they’re going hungry.

Over the past 2 days we along with Headliner Market Group, Luther Campbell, House of Wings, House of Mac, City of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon and countless others, have fed nearly 3,000 seniors and families in District 5's Liberty City Community and we'd like to do more with your help & support! 

Click Here To Watch Our Efforts

We’re raising funds to purchase groceries (for seniors and families with small children) to replenish their food supply once power is restored.

We ask for your help and support.